Not sure where I’d be today without Tamara at Turning Point. I had never seen a counselor before, and I was sort of afraid of talking to somebody about very personal problems. Luckily for me, Tamara knew how to relate to me and was able to help me figure out how to keep going. I recommend Tamara at Turning Point to anyone that needs help.


I would recommend Tamara to anyone. She takes a very personal approach to counseling, which is different than what I’d experienced with past therapists. She pays close attention and has a gift for hitting the nail right on the head. She’s also not afraid to ask the hard questions if necessary. As uncomfortable as it has been to share the answers to some of those hard questions – the answers I’d kept to myself for months or even years because I didn’t think anyone could understand – opening up about those things and still being treated with respect by Tamara has been instrumental in helping me change my life for the better.